Professional Golf Tuition

Everybody can improve. This is a fact and is one of the reasons why golf is so addictive. What keen golfer doesn't have that uncontrollable desire to shave an extra couple of shots from his handicap? Eliminate three-putt holes? Get that extra ten yards? Made to Measure Golf Services is dedicated to helping each and every golfer to doing just this. One of the services we offer is Professional Golf Tuition.

Lessons are provided by David Doyle, a qualified European Golf Teaching Federation (EGTF) professional. Lessons can be held using our swing analysis system, and can be taken out of normal hours provided that they are booked in advance. You can improve your swing either on the practise range or, using one of the world famous courses, during a playing lesson.

Your golfing development is in the right hands at MTMGS. We combine tried-and-trusted traditional teaching to compliment our more high-tech methods. Taking advantage of our extensive resources, we are able to offer the customer exclusive swing analysis.

Using the A-star video learning system, we can film your swing from two angles, face-on and target-line. We can instantly review your swing, record with voice analysis, and give the tape to you to take home and study each and every part of your swing. The A-star system is the most advanced video system in the golfing industry. We can even compare your swing with various touring pros, step-by-step.

Private and playing lessons yield instant feedback. With this feedback, we can determine instantly the shot trajectory, ball speed and yardage, all the while in a controlled environment.

Lessons are currently £25 for an half-hour session. To book, ring now on 01256 322007.